>   Property Advisory
    MPR provides integrated property valuation and advisory services to a broad range of corporate and privately-owned entities and clients. We offer :

A unique combination of skills and experience developed over many years through involvement in diverse property-related projects throughout New Zealand

A commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of our clients business’ and the issues affecting them. We believe this provides the basis to solve a wide range of complex property-related issues

An ability to “think outside the box” and provide innovative solutions that sets Property Advisory apart from others
  - A reputation for outstanding customer service, responsiveness and professionalism
>   Feasibility Study & Financial Projections
    At MPR, our expertise is market feasibility We research and analyze market factors such as demographics, demand, market capacity, competition, regulation, cultural issues, etc. Here are some examples of the types of feasibility studies we do :
    New products and services
- New business methods or approaches
- New ventures
- New technologies
- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Apartment complexes
- Schools and other education projects
- Community development and tourism projects
    We have alliance partners in construction, architecture, strategic planning, marketing, technology and other areas whom we can bring on to complete any size project
>   Facilities Audit/O&M Advisory
    When you engage MPR, you engage an organization that knows how world class facilities management can enhance staff productivity, drive client engagement and control operational costs. 
We lead by exploring some of the primary needs that our clients have shared with us over the years, and go on to clearly show how our approach, built on our broad range of solutions, addresses these core challenges by delivering value that enhances user experience and controls costs. 
Your needs, our services
>   Prospectus/Circular Development & Arrangement