Price Purchase Allocation : MPR  provides  independent valuation opinions on the fair value of intellectual property and other intangible assets acquired in a business acquisition. Our valuation experts are well versed in accounting standards codifications and fair value requirements. We work with you to properly identify and then value separable, identifiable intangible assets such as customer lists, patents, non-compete agreements, and licensing agreements.
Our team includes both valuation experts and former auditors who work together to expedite the business valuation process while reducing the number of potential issues that could arise with your own audit firm

We conduct ESOP related valuations and prepare formal Fairness Opnions where required, including:
=>Valuations for pre-ESOP feasibility studies
=>Valuations for use in connection with ESOP stock acquisitions from other shareholders
=>Annual IRS and Department of Labor required independent appraisals of closely held company securities held in ESOPs and other qualified plans
=>Fairness Opinions and underlying valuation analyses in connection with proposed sales of ESOP companies and in other situations as required by Plan Trustees. Our Certified Valuation Analysts are all trained and experienced in ESOP company specific valuation issues. 
We understand the risks to a Trustee or Plan Sponsor of an erroneous or improperly completed business valuation! Our ESOP valuation work has  withstood the scrutiny of both IRS and Department of Labor examiners in those instances where clients have been audited by IRS or DOL.Professional standards for valuation services have evolved significantly during the last several years. Professional associations which certify valuation analysts have also adopted expanded and enhanced professional standards for valuation work.

Impairment Testing  : After initial recognition, goodwill and indefinite-lived intangible assets must be tested periodically for impairment under ASC 350. We have broad expertise in the initial  recognition of values and subsequent impairment testing. Our professionals assist in identifying  reporting units, testing for impairment of goodwill and indefinite-lived intangible assets, and estimating the fair value of such assets.
We can offer additional assurance for you, your board, and your auditors by conducting an independent review and providing support for key assumptions and forecasts related to impairment testing. We can also address auditors' concerns around consistency of approach and other issues, ultimately saving time and costs in the audit review process.