Share Valuation : We have provided thousands of valuation opinions for corporations of all sizes in a variety of industries. Our valuation opinions are well-reasoned and thoroughly documented, providing critical support for any potential engagement. Our work has been reviewed and accepted connection with engagments involving their clients.
Intangible Asset Valuation  :

Valuations are not just about numbers — there are financial, legal and technical issues that all need to be understood before arriving at a valuation that all parties agree is fair. Whether you need independent valuations due to new accounting standards, the sale of a business, or for commercial or tax purposes, MPR’s Valuation Services team can help you objectively assess financial and business opportunities and associated risks.
When conducting a valuation of intangible assets, it is important to have knowledge of numerous valuation methodologies. We draw from a variety of valuation methodologies and analytical approaches, such as relief from royalty, excess earnings, discounted cash flow, Monte Carlo simulations, and option pricing.

Shareholder Dispute Valuation  : Disputes among shareholders can occur for a number of reasons, for example, if one shareholder wants to terminate the relationship, minority shareholders disagree with actions taken by the majority shareholder, or a minority shareholder claims that actions of the controlling shareholders were fraudulent, illegal, or oppressive. Regardless of the cause of the dispute, you will want to get an independent business valuation to determine the fair value of the shares in question. Our team of finance, valuation, forensic accounting, and transactions experts remains independent and unbiased when engaged to appraise the value of a business and always strives to represent the value of the business as fairly as possible.